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six-pack. >> alisyn: a great plan for sunday. >> tucker: i'm going to get the six-pack abs. >> alisyn: go to, the "after the show" show. we'll see you, everybody. ♪ >> eric: we start with a "fox news alert," serious concern for american safety overseas. violent demonstrations have been erupting in sudan and tunisia. now, forcing the u.s. state department to issue orders for all nonessential government and personnel and their families, there, to get out. good morning, everybody, i'm eric sean and welcome to a brand new hour of america's election headquarters. >> jamie: significant development overseas, i'm jamie colby, because, sudan's government is rejecting a u.s. request to send an elite team of marines into the country to protect the embassy and our own
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people, after the angry crowds there torched part of the german embassy and tried to storm the u.s. embassy, 48 hours ago. the state department warning the terrorist level remains critical, in that country and in tunisia americans are told to leave the country, immediately by our state department and stay away from the demonstration. defense secretary leon panetta warning the turmoil raging across the muslim world is likely to continue into the days ahead. our own greg palkot, taking a chance, live in the capital of tunisia. tell us what is happening there. >> reporter: juliey, no wonder the state department is concerned. we are back from visiting the u.s. embassy compound, here in tunis and we saw and heard amazing things. today, it is calm, tunisian military is out in force but we were told in the early stages of the protest on friday they were nowhere to be found. and, that is when protesters scaled the walls of the embassy
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compound and smashed and looted and set fires and people are finally being driven out and more remarkable, we visited the american school across the street. on friday, it was filled with over 600 kids. of foreign parents including 100 american kids. when administrators at the school saw trouble happening across the street and sent the kids home, that was a very good thing, because, two hours later, the islamists and other protesters came into the school, ransaked it, nearly, burnt it down to the ground and, again, the americans at the school, we talked to, said tunisian government on that day, did little to help them, to help them save the kids. today, they are offering help. a quick update on what is happening, next-door in libya. that is of course where u.s. ambassador chris stevens and three other u.s. diplomats were killed on tuesday. we're told by the fbi that a full scale investigation has started, but, the reports are
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they are still having trouble getting their feet on the ground, inside the country. it, of course is also, an insecure situation. but, they do have support on the ground, 50-man-strong team of marine rapid response fighters. off the coast, one u.s. navy destroyer, and, overhead, surveillance drones, too. and in that country, jamie, the libyan government, too, is saying they want to help and there are new reports the past 24 hours, more individuals have been rounded up and seen at the scene of that killing. but, again, questions about how committed and how able they are to help from a lot of people. back to you. >> jamie: as many as 20 countries seeing violence and protests, thanks, greg palkot in tunisia. >> eric: meanwhile, secretary of state hillary clinton has been working the phones this weekend. calling top officials from 7 countries, to discuss the growing demonstrations. can the u.s. and the leaders of those nations stop this crisis? former u.s. ambassador to the
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united nations, and a fox news contributor, john bolton joins us now, as he does about every sunday at this time. good morning, ambassador. >> good morning, eric, glad to be with you. >> eric: do you think the administration can do enough to tamp it down? >> well, i think they've got two responsibilities, the first, the most immediate responsibility, is to see to the security of u.s. officials, in these various countries. and, they've taken various steps to try and do that but they are running into opposition, as has been reported. and couldn't get the anti-terrorism security team into the sudan, so they had to draw down the embassy to only essential personnel. they can't get the fbi in to libya yet and i think there are problems in other places as well, so, the risk to official americans, i think, remains very high, we have reports of demonstrations in pakistan and afghanistan today. but, beyond the official americans are the private citizens, you know, you just reported on the trashing of the school in tunis, when the
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reuters, the demonstrators and the terrorist can't get the hard targets like the embassy compound they'll go after soft targets and american business people and people visiting families and touring around are very, very vulnerable at that point, so i think the risk remains high, even if today the demonstrations are much smaller. >> eric: do you think the so-called soft targets, the americans in these areas, do you think they are properly protected? >> well, i think it is very hard to know. you know, if you look at a place like cairo, there are a lot of american companies with offices there and defense contractors and others and their locations are well-known, and they are not nearly as hard as the embassy but it goes to the second, larger point. as long as the united states doesn't look like it understands the menace it is confronting and is not prepared to take necessary steps i think the terrorists and the radicals will simply be emboldened and, therefore the threat is not a matter of a week or two, it is
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now a sustained political change in the region. the arab spring has not brought a flowering of democracy as some believed, erroneously in my view, it brought a wave of religious extremism to power in country after country. >> eric: and the administration believes that will continue? do you think the president and the administration did enough in the transition to democracy against the islamists? to try and stop the arab spring from becoming a nightmare? >> well, it was never a transition to democracy. that is the basic point. democracy, you can't use one word to express fully the importance of the culture of a liberal, open society. democracy is not one election and one vote. it is not even just counting votes, you could have a free and fair election, in italy, where fascists take power and germany where nazis take power. in the gaza strip, where the terrorists hamas take power, and that is not democracy at work and where we consider the kind
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of society we should live in or really people all over the world want to live in and that misunderstanding of what the objectives of the radicals really are, i think has led the administration into these erroneous policies. >> eric: we thought it was supposed to change. look at president obama's 2009 cairo speech. it was titled "a new beginning." where is the new beginning? >> no, no potentialness, no narcissism there. history began on january 20th, 2009. you know, the forces that exist, existed before he took office and they'll exist after he took office. i think the proof positive that the administration can't understand what is going on, is it continues to insist that the real problem here is the scurrilous movie trailer about the prophet mohammed. that is simply the manifestation of the hatred an extremism and backing away from film is not going to eliminate the hate and extremism.
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in fact, if anything, since it does show weakness, as i think governor romney correctly pointed out it will only encourage them to do more, the harder they push, the more we apologize and they'll push more. >> eric: talk about apologizing, here's a shocking analysis from the "new york times," this past week about the president's foreign policy: what makes egypt's uncertain course so vexing for the white house is that mr. obama, more than any other foreign leader, has sided again and again with the arab street in cairo. even when it meant going expressly against the wishes of traditional allies, including the egyptian military, the persian gulf states and israel. i mean, what do you make of that, when the president of the united states, sides with the, quote, arab street? some would say he's promoting democracy and those are the forces of democracy. what is your view of that? >> usually forces of democracy don't express themselves by engaging in seizing embassies, conducting terrorist attacks and threatening innocent civilian
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people. this is a misand pre-hedge fu a what is going on in the middle east and, a government not led by' google and the tweeters, but by a muslim brotherhood, profoundly islamist organization, whose principal allies are the salafists. and, to start is you have no know what your adversaries are. and that is a good place to start. >> eric: no end in sight then. >> that's right. >> tucker: ambassador john bolton, thank you. jamie? >> jamie: we're learning of yet another deadly attack on nato troops in afghanistan. after reporting several yesterday. this morning, the third apparent inside attack in as many days. nato says at least one afghan police officer turned his gun on coalition troops at a remote checkpoint before escaping.
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in all, 8 troops have died in such attacks in the past three days. these attacks come as anti-american protests spread across the globe as we have been reporting including this morning in afghanistan. check out the new video, hundreds of university students there taking to the streets in the capital, kabul, holding white flags, chanting, death to america and death to obama. demonstrators also burning an american flag and poster of the president. all in protest over an anti-islam film, insulting the prophet mohammed, they say. >> eric: and, this comes while iran is issuing a chilling warning against the potentially military reaction from israel and the revolutionary guard says nothing will remain of israel if they strike tehran over the disputed nuclear program and iran could withdraw from the nuclear nonproliferation treaty and hit u.s. bases in the middle east and close the strait of hormuz, if iran is attacked.
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this all comes as the british navy moved ships to the persian gulf, warships from 25 other nations, including the u.s. are there, conducting annual military exercises, including how to overcome a possible iranian blockade at the strait, through which 1/3 of the world's oil passes every day. ♪ >> jamie: in america's election headquarters let's get to the race for the white house. the escalating unrest in the middle east shifting the candidates' focus this week from the economy, to foreign policy. as we enter the crucial last weeks before the election, what sort of impact will it all have on the race? where should the focus be? joining me now, erin mcpike, national political reporter for real clear politics. great to see you, erin, good morning. >> good morning. >> jamie: i guess the candidates have no choice, you can't ignore what is going on overseas. but, getting back to the economy, when is the right time?
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>> it will have to be after we see a clear resolution from some of these anti-american protests or what becomes of them. as you mentioned, these protests have spread to 20 countries. that will clearly be a problem for president obama, we'll have to see how he addresses them and until that time there will not be much of a shift back to the economy. now, mitt romney is talking about china, right now. talking about how china is a currency manipulator and he has changed the message that way, because that is a message that resonates very well in ohio and, in ohio, mitt romney is down four points to the president and hyp he has to win that state, if he wants to be president. >> jamie: he support the arab spring and the ousting of hosni mubarak. could the white house have predicted ultimately protest and
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violence could happen and how much more do they need to say about it? >> well, we don't know, because this is not something that was talked about, previously. now, i would point out in terms of the campaign, mitt romney take hit this week, because of the timing and the tenor of his statement. but, what critics are now saying is that he might not have been wrong, but we have seen him let up in his criticism of the president and over the next coming weeks, he might change to really critique the president for how he prosecuted the arab spring but that will be something that comes out in the debate and the next couple of weeks along the campaign trail. >> jamie: the debate will obviously include foreign policy and the economy. let's look at the latest numbers. first the jobless claims. continue to increase. including these numbers. 382,000 unemployment claims, the unemployment rate is 8.1% and look at gas prices. up so close to $4, even over $4
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in a lot of places, now the average is 3.86, nationally. that affects americans in their pocketbooks. what does each candidate need to say and do and how specific do they need to be with just weeks left in those debates? >> they need to be more specific than they have been. this is a topic that obviously is very good for mitt romney because the status quo is not working for many americans and that is the message that they are trying to push. but, mitt romney has not been very specific in terms of how he would create more jobs, and that is something that we have yet to hear from them and maybe we'll hear from him, more along the campaign trail, as he must get more specifics to say what he'd do. >> jamie: should he use congressman ryan to focus on the economy as he continues to show empathy for what is happening in the middle east and elsewhere, around the world? >> i think that is what he has been doing, of course. paul ryan has his own budget
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plan and, has a very good economic mind and i think they will be using paul ryan more effectively there. absolutely. >> jamie: when they were campaigning together, they talked about 12 million jobs. they came up with that number, somewhere. should president obama give a specific number as to how many jobs he believes his plan will create? along with specifics about what that plan looks like? americans seem to want those specifics, as you have said. >> they do. however, when you provide some of those specifics, and, these are complaints we have heard from both campaigns, you can then take some hits in the press and from the public, if you don't then meet those promises that you have made and that is some of the peril that comes with this and why we are not seeing more specifics, from the campaign. >> jamie: given that, i suppose, what the president had promised in his campaign, people will judge based on where we are, and the specifics should come and the debates and we'll follow up
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with you and i hope you come back, erin, great to see you, this sunday morning. >> thanks. >> jamie: eric? >> eric: there are looming questions this morning about what exactly happened during the deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in libya. that killed u.s. ambassador chris stevens and three other americans. coming up, we'll have new in sights and whether or not that attack was spontaneous or calculated and planned. chris wallace talks to the chair of the house intelligence committee, congressman mike rogers about where that investigation stands, right now. >> jamie: plus details on an attempted terrorist attack. and the man who has been arrested for trying to blow up a car bomb, right in the heart of one of our nation's largest cities. >> eric: and millions of americans take over-the-counter omega-3, fish oil, to improve your heart health. but there's a study out, a major one with disappointing findings on fish oil. the doctors on "sunday house call" will be coming up to explain that, and everything we need to know, about our health. hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios
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♪ >> jamie: anti-american protests and sentiment are spreading across the arab world. days after a deadly attack on the consulate in benghazi, libya. that killed u.s. ambassador chris stevens and three other
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americans. the obama administration says the attack appears to them spontaneous, but, not everyone agrees with that assessment. at least not yet, chris wallace discusses that with house intelligence committee chairman mike rogers. >> i think it is just too early to make that conclusion. there are analysts and department of defense and cia and operatives in both places, as and fbi agent i get to look at all of that and i come to a different conclusion. they are only moderately confident that it was a spontaneous event and that is because there are huge gaps in what we know. >> jamie: joining my now the anchor of fox news sunday, chris wallace, who did that interview. and others for today's fox news sunday, chris, good morning. >> good morning, yeah. we talked, first of all, to the u.s. ambassador to the united nations, susan rice. and, she was the one who made the comment that mike rogers was reacting to. she said she believed the attack on the embassy, or the consulate, in benghazi, was spontaneous and that it then spun out of control and
7:22 am
escalated. but, in the rest of his answer to that question, mike rogers says, look, it seemed to be an extremely well coordinated attack. you can talk about what was the spark but it certainly seems that there were terror groups, radical groups, that took advantage of the situation to launch a very highly coordinated commando raid, if you will, on the consulate and to sut slaught -- slaughter those four americans. >> jamie: and, mike rogers and other members of congress were speaking out since it happened, saying they were briefed not only on the benghazi installation and other places, and did he think the white house responded too quickly with the assessment since the fbi is involved in the investigation at this point? >> we got less into the second question but i certainly asked about whether or not it should have been better prepared and he said that is part of the investigation.
7:23 am
i will say this about rogers, that he is very careful. as chairman of house intel and a former fbi agent, as he said, very careful about, you know, jumping to conclusions. and he said, when it comes to the question of, you know, hindsight is 20/20, should they have known beforehand they needed more protection, he said i want to wait and see but he didn't agree at all with the contentious of the administration and the contention of ambassador rice, all the violence across the middle east, in more than two dozen countries, against u.s. interests is all because of the video. he says -- and there are a lot of people who suggest -- that this has a lot to do with u.s. policy, and, perhaps, according to some critics and rogers is one of them, the fact that the u.s. seems to be engaging from that part of the world, and our allies don't know if they can depend on us and our friends -- and our enemies aren't afraid of us and he feels that u.s. policy has a lot to do with the wave of violence in the middle east.
7:24 am
>> jamie: because, chris, the issue keeps coming up about the film, not everybody saw and that is a big difference from the sentiment overall in the world against america. >> well, that's right. and the question is, i mean, there is no question that was the spark. on the other hand, it was also the anniversary of 9/11 and one of the points that rogers and other people who are questioned -- question the administration at least on this point, they say, that there is a growing sense, in the middle east, rogers thinks, makes the point that the u.s. is disengaging and pulled out of iraq without a long term force there and are p pulling out of afghanistan and, the friends don't know whether they can depend on us and our enemies don't feel they have to fear us. >> jamie: comprehensive on questions and answers from both the guests, we will not miss it. thank you very much and you can catch the full interview with the house intelligence committee chairman, mike rogers on fox
7:25 am
news sunday and also susan rice as chris mentioned 2:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. and check your local listings as well, don't miss it. an important time in the world, eric? >> eric: coming up, surprising news about fish oil supplements, surprising studies about that you will not want to miss. a lot of folks take fish oil for your heart. well, how much do they really help? oh no, not a migraine now. try this... bayer? this isn't just a headache. trust me, this is new bayer migraine. [ male announcer ] it's the power of aspirin plus more in a triple action formula to relieve your tough migraines. new bayer migraine formula.
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>> jamie: time for "sunday house call" and joining us this morning, dr. marc siegel the associate professor of medicine at nyu's langone medical center and the author of "the inner pulse, unlocking the secret code of sickness and health". >> eric: and dr. samadi, the vice chairman of the department of urology and chief of robotics at the mt. sinai medical center. doctors, good morning. >> jamie: good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> jamie: i imagine the first

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